“Scramble, scramble”

Kenley Aircrew

75 years ago Winston Churchill was moved to express the thanks of the nation with the immortal words “Never in the field of human conflict was so much owed by so many to so few”.

The conflict referred to was the Battle of Britain. The few were the pilots who fought in skies above southern England.

Today, not only is the number of survivors dwindling fast (and their memories and stories along with them), but also the airfields from which they flew have also virtually disappeared as a result of re-development. That is all except one. RAF Kenley.

Kenley Airfield

Kenley lies just south of Croydon, approximately three minutes flying time by Spitfire from St Paul’s Cathedral. It is unique in that English Heritage identified it as “The most complete fighter airfield associated with the Battle of Britain to have survived”.

Following the award of Heritage Lottery Funding, the Kenley Revival project has now initiated an ambitious restoration programme. Amongst the many tasks to be tackled, the creation of a website is the first, and in some ways most pivotal, part of the project.

In addition to telling the history of Kenley and the Battle of Britain, the website will also provide an interactive visitors’ guide to the airfield today, together with accompanying teaching resources.

JE Johnson

But perhaps the most significant aspect will be the central function of the site in helping to gather the memories and artefacts of those who lived and fought at and around the airfield. These will be used to create the living history of Kenley and its role in the Battle of Britain. It will be further enhanced by the creation of an extensive research archive for use by students and historians.

Following a pitch, EQtwo was delighted to be awarded this project and become part of a team creating history in the making.

Chocks away for the launch is expected early summer.