Laying foundations for the future

A poor economy is not a new thing. Turning it round through good physical working conditions, which in turn has an effect on increasing productivity, is.  The Industrial Society campaigned continually through the 20th century for exactly this. In 1984 they were granted a royal charter. And their thinking was given a further, highly public boost in 1968 when five secretaries volunteered to work an extra half-hour each day, without pay, to boost output. They urged others to do the same.

I'm backing Britain

Virtually overnight, the movement caught the mood of the nation and within weeks the “I’m backing Britain” movement was born!

Building on this success, the emphasis of the Industrial Society gradually changed to the promotion of good human relations in industry and expanded into developing training programmes around the subject.

Just after the turn of century, in 2002, they were renamed the Work Foundation, reflecting their change of function into that of a policy research unit and think tank.

In the intervening period they have increasingly focused on four areas of research and evaluation, along the way debunking commonly held misbeliefs such as “…most jobs in Britain are poor quality” and “permanent jobs are no longer the norm”, while at the same time developing and promoting the complex and evolving concept of “Good Work”.

And that’s where we come in. Being encouraged to carry out good work too by developing the Work Foundation brand for the next phase in its growth. The new identity should be revealed in the early Autumn. Another reason as we say to watch this space.