Just add salt…


To some the 400+ miles per hour being targeted by the Angelic Bulldog team, may sound somewhat pedestrian, particularly when compared to the target of 1000mph that Richard Noble and his Bloodhound SSC have set themselves.

However there are two important differences in these figures. One is the number of wheels. Richard’s Bloodhound SSC will have four, plus a jet engine from a Eurofighter and a rocket booster to help things along. Not to mention the several million pounds of funding.

Whereas Angelic Bulldog, being cut from rather different cloth, is a bit lacking in the wheels department. Not surprising when one considers that the ‘vehicle’ in question is a motorcycle. Also the powerplant is a tad less exotic, though certainly more original. An originality born of ingenuity that results from attempting a World Land Speed record attempt on a distinctly non world class budget.

But Gabriel (the angel) Uttley, project leader and designated driver, or should one say rider, of the Angelic Bulldog, has been battling against the financial barriers of launching a Land Speed Record attempt for some years. Now as the ‘Bulldog’ enters its final build stage, the siren call of the Bonneville salt flats gets ever stronger and the need for further finance ever more pressing.

To launch the last phase of fund raising (£250,000 being the sum in question) and propel them towards their goal of 400+ mph in 2017, EQtwo has built a new website.

Take it for a spin and maybe you might be moved to help propel them along too…