…and cut!

It won’t surprise you to know that we are paid to use our imagination. It’s what agencies do. Our raison d’être. Telling stories that engage. Creating content that excites. And we’ll go to almost any lengths to deliver exactly that.

For NGK, a client of 20 years standing, we scour the UK and beyond for tales of the unexpected. Putting ourselves in the middle of the action to capture the moment. Close up and personal. And we use that unique content to communicate their brand essence. Engaging customers and fans along the way in Torque, an online magazine created and produced by EQtwo.

Take the Foss family. For four generations they’ve ridden the wall of death. At 40mph. In a wooden drum. 18 feet high. 32 feet diameter. At that speed they can perform for about 5 minutes before the blood has drained from their head. And unconsciousness follows…

Capturing it on film wasn’t easy either!

Then their was Dave Ward. A man with 20 year tic. Or more precisely an Alfa Romeo Guilia Spider that he rescued from a scrap yard in 1983, and the labour of love that followed bringing the car back from the brink.

When we filmed his pride and joy and Dave saw the final cut he cried.

That’s amore.

Simple stories. Compellingly told.

It’s our raison d’être.