French connection

Nohoval Bay sits on the Southern Coast of Ireland, pretty much at the beginning of what is now known as the Wild Atlantic Way. In 1912, if you’d looked out to sea, you might just have seen the Titanic as it left Cobh harbour on its first and last voyage.

Otherwise claims to fame are few. Until now.


Now the name Nohoval is on the map for its cidery. From decidely ‘craft’  beginnings some five years ago, the Nohoval Cidery has grown to meet the demands from it’s thirsty followers, not only in Ireland where it has already won many awards and much acclaim, but also further afield…which is where EQtwo makes a bow.

Nohoval have now broken through into the export market with a five year contract to supply their cider to home of cidre. France. To meet the needs of the local market, their best seller Finnbarra (a brand name originally created by EQtwo) now requires further brand development to maximise its craft appeal in the French market, and then throughout Europe where it is already available, but only via local importers.

Being the consumate professionals we are, the EQtwo team are carrying out in depth product research as part of their re -immersion into the brand.

The results of our deliberations will see the light of day before the end of 2016. Just in time for the Christmas season…