“Yes, m’lady”

Thunderbirds fans will no doubt recall the rather foxy blonde who was chauffeured by the redoubtable Parker. A taciturn individual of few words, the only ones of which that we can recall are “Yes, M’Lady”.

Of course the other stand-out item in Lady P’s possession was her wheels. All six of them. Attached to a pink Rolls Royce that was Parker’s pride and joy. Now quite what he would have made of our work for his namesakes at Team Parker Racing is hard to imagine.

TPR Logo

This new generation of Bentley Boys, who have several championships to their name, are this year fielding a fairly exotic brace of racers. Bentley Continentals to be precise. Accordingly Team Parker asked EQtwo to create a new branding to mark the arrival of their new illustrious stablemates.


Whilst our branding work has graced planes, boats and trains, as well as the more usual corporate bodies, this is our first race car. The fact it is a Bentley adds a rather pleasant frisson to the whole affair.

Team Parker Racing Bentley

Team Parker will be competing at Europe’s most prestigious circuits in the Blancpain series. The identity will also be seen on their Porsche race teams too, as well as gaining exposure on ITV’s coverage of British Touring Car Championship. With the identity completed (oh and did we mention their website?), we’ve been asked to apply our creative skills to another fast mover, the “Pizza bike” of motorcycle racer, Maria Costello, MBE.

But that’s another story…