Paradigm Trust

Naming and branding a new multi-academy trust is a challenge in its own right. Creating an identity solution that would enable member schools to be clearly identified as part of the trust, whilst maintaining an essence of their own brand, added to the complexity of the project. The last barrier to be overcome was reflecting all those requirements in a flexible website design template. Hmmm.

Taking ownership

When an education trust is put forward as a model for other teachers and schools to aspire to, the name seemed almost predetermined. Once accepted, the real challenge was to create an identity system that would show a clear relationship with the trust, but at the same enable member schools to maintain their own sense of identity.


Corporate identity is one of the most challenging areas of communication. Solutions often evoke ‘marmite’ reactions, particularly when a strong emotional attachment has been created. In order to navigate those tricky waters we engage in far reaching conversations with stakeholders to gain a deeper understanding, a clearer picture of the possibilities. With that knowledge comes the power to create appropriate solutions.

Into the future

For Paradigm Trust, our solution has encompassed not only the identity, but also its implementation across all channels including their websites. The flexibility of the solution has already been tested and proven in its ability to deliver a distinctive visual signature, while accommodating four different schools who have already joined the trust. And achieving strong buy in from all stakeholders.