Customer retention. It vexes everyone. Including agencies! Delivering a customer experience that surprises and delights goes a long way to securing lasting loyalty. NGK is a case in point. Spark plugs may not light your fire, but without them the cars of the world simply would not start. NGK are the world’s No.1 and have been a client from day one of EQtwo. It is a relationship we are intensely proud of, as we are of the work we produce for them, which includes a customer loyalty scheme that is now the longest running in the sector.


Brand loyalty

From the workshop floor to the business class cabin, we’ve created loyalty schemes that help brands build closer relationships with their customers. NGK BoxClever is the longest running loyalty programme in its sector. And the most copied.We’re flattered. And so is NGK.


End to end integration

Above the line, below the line, online, through the line, even sometimes crossing the line, we are engaged at virtually every touch point of the NGK brand.


NGK Torque is a channel created and managed by EQtwo. It delivers rich content covering all aspects of automotive interest to a wide audience both within NGK’s customer base and to enthusiasts generally.

Enduring and engaging

The NGK brand is deeply respected within the automotive sector. Every year we are tasked with examining that emotional bond from a different perspective.