Land Securities is Britain’s largest commercial property company. They own and manage more than 26 million sq ft of property, including the “Walkie Talkie” building in Central London. Their employees are based in a wide variety of working environments, from construction sites, to shopping centres as well as more ‘normal’ office environments. Keeping this diaspora informed and engaged on important issues requires a specific skill to ensure they are kept aware of everything, from changes to the company.

Inside stories

Our employee communications take many forms. From online banners to event branding to direct mail and desk drops. In every instances they are required to engage with a simple message, compellingly told.


Sometimes, however, the message is more complex. For instance, in the case of pension scheme changes, communicating complex information in a clear and digestible manner is the order of the day.

Everyone, everywhere

The noticeboard. Humble as it is, provides the channel to every employee, at every location. That’s why the poster is often the single most important form of communication. We’ve created more than we can remember, but attempt to make each one as memorable as possible.