GSM London

The transformation from a mainstream management college to a progressive, inclusive educational institution was ‘work in progress’ when EQtwo were appointed. It was felt that the existing identity had failed to successfully capture the ethos and aspirations of the stakeholders. In short our task was to examine the proposition “what does inclusive look like?”

EQtwo undertook a rigorous consultative process comprising of focus groups and one-to-ones with a broad range of stakeholders. Following that process the agency developed a positioning statement to express the ethos of the organisation. Once agreed the design process started.


Inclusive looks like this

Credible, distinctive, progressive, accessible and, of course, inclusive.

Add to this the historic legacy of the organisation and it rapidly emerged that the character ‘g’ would be central to the solution. We therefore created a unique character that would embody all the key attributes. While developing the mark itself, we also refined the positioning statement into a strapline for the institution.

“EQtwo really got to the heart of GSM London. They were insightful and thorough and they successfully defined our values and strapline. The logo itself, unlike our previous identity, has been embraced by everyone.”

Angie Milan, Director Marketing, Recruitment and Admissions.