Along the way we have gathered a great deal of experience working with regional airlines as well as train and coach operators in the UK. Amongst them, helping to build a small independent Belgian airline into the largest operator at London City Airport was a journey worth travelling. Although the airline was subsequently purchased by one of Europe’s largest national carriers, seven years later it has once again gained its independence and at the same time re-established its relationship with EQtwo.

Brand refreshed

Relaunching the airline also required a refresh of its identity. Loved locally, respected internationally, our refresh had to be seen to be sensitive, yet obvious.


Digital challenge

Due to the ambitious timeline, EQtwo was given just two weeks to design and program the website, including integration of a third party booking engine. With the first phase completed on schedule, we then rolled out a further four different language versions of the site.

The integrated launch campaign included press, posters and TV, as well as extensive e-marketing. In almost every instance, the tactics were cross border and ran in one of six local language versions.

Promotional punch

To support the campaign and with the objective of stimulating both PR and word of mouth, EQtwo created a pan-European promotion entitled “Win a Plane”. The big idea, which gained substantial press coverage and thousands of entries, in reality cost VLM merely the operational costs of the flight, which equated to a few thousand euros.