City University, London

EQtwo has worked with City University, London since 2008. Initially on graduate and postgraduate recruitment for the School of Health Sciences. More recently our work for City University has extended into their Enterprise department, specifically on the promotion of their short courses. Over the past four years we have helped build a marketing model which proved so successful, it became the subject of a thesis for a masters student at the university.



With so many major education training challenges facing health professionals, the expertise available within the academic staff employed by the School of Health Sciences needed to become higher profile. EQtwo suggested creating an online portal to promote not only relevant courses but also to be used as a platform for tutors to establish their credentials within their specialist areas. To achieve this video cvs are filmed for each new tutor together with an introduction to the course they are leading.

Results driven

In the first year alone our integrated on- and off-line campaign for City University’s short courses, combined with a dedicated website, achieved an uplift of 28% in bookings and reduced course cancellations by over 60%.