Cambridge International Examinations

Every year, nearly a million students from 10,000 schools in 160 countries follow a Cambridge International Examinations curriculum, making it the largest provider of international education programmes and qualifications for 5 to 19 year olds. EQtwo has worked with Cambridge to promote their learning programmes internationally.

Data driven, digitally led

EQtwo devised several marketing programme templates which were deployed across various international markets. The quality of information available in the regions is highly variable, therefore key to success of these campaigns was a rigorous programme of cleansing and verification undertaken by EQtwo.



Education is a dynamic subject. Evolving and changing syllabuses require constant communication with client schools – much of it in print form. EQtwo initiated and developed a distinctive style of communication to deliver a clear and distinct separation for marketing communications, as opposed to general information regularly distributed.


Brand loyalty

There are few educational institutions which have  brand recognition that’s as high as Cambridge University. The brand is synonymous with the highest levels of attainment. As such its halo effect was central to ensuring high response rates achieved.

Delivering compelling propositions online can be challenging, particularly when working within the constraints of corporate environments. EQtwo introduced the use of campaign focused microsites to drive increased response rates, both for offline and online direct marketing campaigns.


Rich media often plays a central role in many of the campaigns devised by EQtwo. Time and again, we have proven it to be a highly cost effective way of delivering a more compelling message.